Electronic Registry of alcoholic beverage professionals - Εlectronic monitoring system of alcoholic beverages

Economic operators that produce, import, receive from other member-states, or sell ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages (as those referred at Art. 110, par.2 of Law 2960/2001) through wholesale within the country have the obligation:

  1. to register in the electronic registry of alcoholic beverage professionals and
  2. to record their daily movements of the above mentioned products, based on the Lot number and other details,

in accordance with Α.1263/23-12-2021 (Government Gazette Β΄6317) and A.1077/19-05-2023 (Government Gazette Β΄3469) Joint Decisions of the Deputy Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue.

Προδιαγραφές Μηνυμάτων

Υποσύστημα Ηλεκτρονικού Μητρώου Επιτηδευματιών Αλκοολούχων Ποτών – Ηλεκτρονικό Σύστημα Ταυτοποίησης Αλκοολούχων Ποτών (Lotify) 

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