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Through the Excise Duty Subsystem with the electronic submission of the Excise Duty Statement (Δ.Ε.Φ.Κ.), the certification and payment of the corresponding tax charges for energy, alcohol and tobacco products, the payment of VAT on new maritime means of transport, as well as the payment of vehicle registration tax are carried out.

Also included are documents for the management of tax warehouses, such as the Production Bulletin, the Change Request, the Use /Re-importation Request, documents for the management of Community vehicles, such as the Vehicle Arrival Declaration and the Vehicle Transit Permit.

Through the excise duty subsystem, the electronic submission of the excise duty return application is carried out by the beneficiaries of the return from the persons (industries / craft industries, hospital /welfare institutions, hotels, fishermen, exporters) and the excise duty Return Decision is issued electronically by the competent customs office. The excise duty subsystem also includes the electronic system for the intra-Community movement and control of products subject to excise duty under suspension of taxes (Excise Movement and Control System-EMCS) with the coverage of the electronic administrative document (e-AD).


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Excise Duties Subsystem - Excise/EMCS


The specifications of XML messages (XSD files) are published on our website in order to allow traders who wish to develop relevant information systems for the production of relevant messages (The centralized zip file also contains the file with all the changes for the messages of each version)

- The XML messages specifications (XSD files) are currently available only in the Greek pages section (zip file contains also txt file with all changes from version to version)