Test environment

(Beta version)
Portal for Developers



New version v1.0.6 – includes:

1. Support of amendments A 1038/2022 and A 1090/2022

2. Special Document Category

  • Subsidies – Grants
  • Hotels Retail Revenue – Room Charges
  • Accounting Entry
  • Tax Free

3. Transmission failure field in ERP

  • Loss of Interconnection

4. Additions regarding Tax-Free Invoices

5. Additions regarding FUEL Invoices

6. Additional Categories

  • VAT exemptions
  • Withholding Taxes
  • Other Taxes
  • Fees

7. Characterizations

  • New combinations 
  • Deactivation of combinations 

8.  Invoices for Regularization of revenues/expenses 17. *

  • Transmissions on line level with a special rec_type which states that the amounts of the line values are negative

9.  Transmission by a recipient of deviations

10. Transmission by an invoice recipient due to failure of transmission by the issuer

11.  New Methods RequestMyIncome and RequestMyExpenses

12. Enrichment of Methods RequestDocs, RequestTransmittedDocs



For more technical documentation, test environment and support tools please see the special portal for web-developers of the REST API interface here