Issuance of a clearance note

(Beta version)

Here you can submit an online application for a Clearance Note for Debts Towards the State.

The Clearance Note is considered valid for any legal purpose based on the Ministerial Decision 2837/0030/11-11-2003 (OGG 1685/B) and you can view and print it in real time.

Step by step
  1. Submission of an application for clearance note towards the State
  2. Click on next
  3. Select the issuance reason
  4. Fill-in the Body to be submitted
  5. If “Collection of money from public bodies (apart from Central Administration”) is selected, the details of the payment document must also be filled-in.
  6. Click on submit
  7. Print
  8. Create a PDF and print
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)