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Step 13

Study at the Tax and Customs Academy of IAPR

• The 548 new employees of IAPR are compulsory students at the Tax and Customs Academy of IAPR before being placed in the IAPR services 

• For their training there will be two educational series. Their distribution in the individual sections of each educational series will be done by the Tax and Customs Academy.

• Training is carried out separately for tax officers and separately for customs officers.

• The training program includes theoretical and practical training, which is broken down into successive stages.

At the first stage, basic knowledge of tax and customs objects is provided, and practical training in them follows.

In the second stage, theoretical training is carried out in the areas of specialization of the tax and customs sector respectively and is completed with the relevant practical training.


Step 14

Practical training service preference declaration

New employees have the opportunity to submit to the Tax and Customs Academy of IAPR declaration of preference for the service in which they wish to carry out their internship, both at the stage of general education (first internship) and at the stage of specialization (second internship).

This declaration is not binding on the agency and will be made:

a) the first days of studying at the Academy, for the first internship

B) within a reasonable period to be announced later, for the second internship.


See practical training service preference declaration :