Swearing-in oath

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Step 10

The swearing-in time of the new employees is determined by the training order they will attend as their swearing-in coincides with the date of their arrival at the Tax and Customs Academy of IAPR and the start of the training program.


Step 11

i. Place and time of swearing-in

The appointees are informed by a document of the exact time and place where their swearing-in will take place, at which they are obliged to attend in person.

Their notification is made, after the issuance of their Government Gazette appointment, by Section B of the Human Resources Management Directorate of IAPR, with the document of the announcement of their appointment.

The swearing-in of the new employees will be carried out by the Directorate of Tax and Customs Academy of IAPR, at the venue of its programs, on the date of their arrival at the Academy, which coincides with the start date of the training program.

Swearing-in time (updated 31.10.2019) NEW!!!

For tax officials, whose last name starts from:

  • A to L : Arrival time: 08.30 a.m.
  • M to Z: Arrival time: 13.00 p.m.

For all customs officers: Arrival time: 11.00 a.m.

For the curriculum of the 1st day of training (swearing-in day), the new employees will be informed by e-mail, which will be sent to their e-mail address on 06/11/2019


ii. What should the appointees have with them during their swearing-in

The appointees on the day of their swearing-in must necessarily have with them:

i. their identity card and

ii. the announcement of their appointment.


iii. Oath protocol and assumption of Service

The Directorate of Tax and Customs Academy of IAPR, as soon as the swearing-in of the new officials is completed, draws up a protocol of swearing-in and proceeds to take up the service of the officers. It then issues the relevant documents to them in original form.


iv. Extension of swearing-in oath

In view, on the one hand, of the compulsory attendance of all new employees of IAPR at the Tax and Customs Academy of IAPR on the other hand, the predetermined dates of the beginning of the educational series, the right to extend the date of swearing-in provided for in par. 2 of Article 17 of Law 3528/2007 (Gov. Gazette 26/Α΄/9.2.2007), will be exercised/exhausted by the appointees, who consider that their obligations will not allow them to present themselves in the first series of training, with the possibility provided to them to choose to attend the second series of training, and therefore to choose this later and later date of swearing-in.