Safety of online services

(Beta version)

IAPR constantly ensures the maximum possible safety in citizens' transactions using its online services. For this reason:

  • It is always necessary to use personal security codes, i.e. the username and password to access IAPR’s online services…
  • Special mechanisms are used for controlled access of citizens to the confidential data managed by IAPR and its online services.
  • Encryption applies to every citizen's transaction using IAPR’s online services.
  • A variety of techniques apply to further secure transactions. Examples include:
    • User Account Locking: In case that 6 (six) consecutive failed attempts to connect to the service are made, the user account is automatically "locked" for ten minutes.
    • Automatic Disconnection: an upper limit has been set for the completion of transactions ("Session Timeout"), after which the connection is automatically terminated by the system. Likewise, if no transaction is performed within a few minutes while using the system, then the system automatically logs the user out ("Idle Timeout").
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