Submission of your tax return

(Beta version)

The submission of an Income Tax Return for employees and pensioners is a simple process, since many field of the return are already filled-in and you will need to:

  • either just check their correctness (for example remuneration from salaries and pensions)
  • or check and then enter them in the return (for example interest on deposits).

The return must only be submitted electronically through IAPR’s webiste: Natural Persons’ Income Tax Return. (Ε1).

For this reason, you must have access to myAADE online services, otherwise you can submit it through an authorized accountant.


For more information on how to obtain a password, visit Certification Services.  

If you are married, you can submit:

  • a joint Income Tax Return with your spouse. In this case, the husband is responsible to submit the return.
  • a separate Income Tax Return, provided that you had declared it no later than February 28th, 2020 through the special application:Notification of a separate tax return on IAPR’s website.

You should know that:

Natural persons who have entered into a cohabitation agreement may, if they wish so, submit a joint tax return as long as they have declared it to the Department of Administrative and IT Support of their Tax Office designating the person responsible to submit the Income Tax Return.