Account exempt from seizure

Here, you can submit a declaration of a unique non-confiscated bank account based on Law 4254/2014 (Government Gazette 85 A'/7.4.2014).


This service is available throughout the year.

Step by step
  1. I fill-in the IBAN
  2. I select the content of the Solemn Statement
  3. I select “SAVE”

For credit institutions that have not joined yet, the proof of notice / declaration to be printed must be presented by the applicant to the declared credit institution for its own actions, until full integration of all the operating credit institutions in Greece for full implementation of the particular defined in POL 1182/2014 (Government Gazette B 2025). Its validity starts from the day after it is presented to the credit institution.

On the contrary, for credit institutions that have already joined, it is not necessary to present the proof of disclosure to the declared credit institution and the taxpayer will be informed about the progress of their request from the application.