Application to Grant a Unified Property Tax (UPT) Reduction for Insured Residences

(Beta version)

Through this service, you can submit a digital application to grant a UPT reduction on a right to an insured residence.

a) If you are the recipient of the insurance policies, through the “Create a new application” tab, you can proceed with the following actions:

  • You associate the appearing insurance policies with the rights you have to the insured residences (Owner’s Insurance).
  • You declare the TIN(s) of the co-owner(s), when there is more than one co-owner for the insured residence (Insurance for yourself and on behalf of a third party).
  • You declare the TIN(s) of the third person(s) who has/have a right to the insured residence, when you do not have a right to the residence (Insurance on behalf of a third party).

Taxpayers who will be included in your application as co-owners / third parties will be notified via email to apply and associate the insurance policy with their insured residence.

b) Once you have been informed via email that you are included in the declaration of the policyholder as a co-owner or a third party, you can identify the insurance policies that have been declared in your TIN and associate them with your rights to the insured residences.



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