ICIStest - Test Environment for External Users


In order to connect to our  Greek Customs system (ICISNET) , There are  two options :
-Either via Web Services (SOAP WS)
-or via web application.

Information for WS can be found at Web services - Electronic Submission of Declarations

The link for our web application in production environment
You must be registered as a myAADE user in advance  User Registration
using the Greek VAT number (if you have one).
If you don’t have a Greek VAT number You can be registered as an EORI user (see instructions at EORI -Economic Operator Registration and Identification - Registration using EORI

You don't need to have electronic signature. You also don’t need a client certificate to communicate with Greek Customs. For connection via WS you need to obtain SSL  certificate from our server.

All supported messages and  xsd specs  can be obtained at the relevant page (in greek)  Message specifications. Exchange  is performed using  XML format.

ICIStest - Application form