Issuance of Tax Residence Certificate (TRC)

(Beta version)

Now you can get a Tax Residence Certificate (TRC), as a tax resident of Greece (natural person, legal person or legal entity).

The application for the issuance of a TRC is submitted digitally by the natural person or by the legal representative of the legal person or legal entity, using the personal TAXISnet access codes.

Updating your details is necessary for the digital version of the TRC.

The TRC is issued in digital format, automatically, upon submission of the application, in Greek and English, it certifies the applicant’s tax residence and bears a unique issue number, as well as an electronic seal (eSeal).

Its validity is certified via the QR code, which is issued together with the certificate.

For the current or previous year, you can issue a TRC:

a) for the purposes of implementing the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) and

b) for other purposes.


In most countries, the TRC, as issued through the IAPR’s digital application, is accepted and does not require Apostille authentication or validation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the event that the country where the TRC will be used requires Apostille authentication or validation of the TRC by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can receive the certificate digitally through the application and request that it be replaced with a paper TRC bearing a physical signature, in order to subsequently receive Apostille authentication or validation by the competent body as the case may be. As of 5/5/2023, you can request this replacement in one of the following ways:

- by presenting during working days and hours or by sending the digital TRC via post to the IAPR’s International Tax Relations Department (8, Karagiorgi Servias, 10562 Athens)

- by submitting a relevant application to the IAPR’s International Tax Relations Department, through the “My Requests” platform on the myAADE digital portal, where you attach the digital TRC.

Relevant Provisions