E-invoicing service providers

(Beta version)


The companies that choose to use the services of E- Invoicing Providers may automatically transmit the income documents they issue to the platform myDATA.

The transmission of e-invoices is performed at the responsibility of the provider, in real time, and automatically after the issuance of invoices. The e-invoices to be issued undergo basic controls by myDATA platform and bear the “Unique Entry Number”, which must be indicated on every invoice issued by licensed software. The electronic invoicing by a provider ensures credibility of transactions, since anybody can verify the authenticity of an invoice on the provider’s website using the QR code that must be indicated on the e-invoices.

Companies which choose to exclusively use the services of electronic data issue providers for the issuance of revenue invoices can enjoy tax incentives provided by the law.

In order to ask questions and resolve potential problems, you can send an e-mail to mydata.support@aade.gr indicating the full name, landline and/or mobile phone number. In case of technical problems, please add screenshots of the problem you are facing using File Attachment (the main text must only include text).

Important clarification: It is pointed out that the providers of the Greek State who have already chosen the use of E-invoicing Providers Services and have submitted the “Statement of Exclusive Issuance of Data via a Provider” to the Tax Administration (A.1258/23.11.20 and A.1138/22.6.2020), must only issue e- invoices to the Greek State via a provider and send them in electronic format via the peppol network and the Interoperability Center of the GSIS.