Administrative appeals

(Beta version)

Service for filing an Administrative Appeal against acts of the Tax Authority, which fall within the scope of the Tax Procedure Code (Law 4987/2022, ΚΦΔ), before the Complaints Settlement Directorate of The Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR).


From 29/11/2022, the possibility of digitally submitting an appeal and a request for suspension before the Directorate of Complaints Settlement is provided, as well as monitoring their progress, for acts issued by ELKE, KEMEEP, KEFOMEP, Tax Offices (DOY) A' and A1' class, as well as Tax Offices of Psychiko and N. Ionia Thessaloniki.
For the other Tax Offices A-B' and B' Class the relevant digital submission option is provided from 15/12/2022.

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