e-paravolo with TAXISnet codes

(Beta version)

Here you can:

  • file a request for granting a license to the public bodies described in detail in the available files (in xls and  pdf format) or
  • manage e-bills as representatives of a public body

The service is available all year long.

Step by step

For Companies

  1. I select the body (Ministries, Independent Authorities and Organizations).
  2. I select the paravolo category.
  3. I select the paravolo type
  4. If the issuance of the license related to another VAT No., I fill-in the details.
  5. If I wish to send the code via e-mail, I fill-in the e-mail.
  6. I fill-in (optional) the IBAN in case of refund due to the non-use of the stamp.
  7. I fill-in the control number.
  8. I submit the request
  9. The application issues a unique “stamp code”
  10. I print the e-paravolo to submit it to the body.
  11. I pay the e-paravolo using the unique payment code at banks and post offices or by using a credit/debit/prepaid card.
  12. I submit the e-paravolo to the institution, so that it can be verified and freeze.

For Body Employees

  1. I select the role “ representative of a public body”
  2. I search the e-paravolo
  3. I display the e-paravolo
  4. I make sure that the e-paravolo is in “paid” status and that it has been issued for the transaction and for a specific purpose.
  5. I select “Accept an e-paravolo” from the drop-down menu and I click on “Register”
  6. In case the amount of the e=-paravolo is partially or fully refunded, I check from the “Display of e-paravolo” screen that the e-paravolo is in status “freeze”, I select “Refund” from the drop down menu and then click on “Register”.
  7. I fill-in the necessary fields on the “Refund” screen and select “Submit” to complete the request or “Cancel” to delete.


To include new stamps (paravolo) in the e-paravolo Regiset, the Public Administration Bodies must complete the Paravola Registration Template file  and send it to the email eparavolorgsis.gr. 


It is possible to use a web service to achieve communication between the organization’s servers and IAPR. For issues of technical support of web services, you can send messages at eparavolo_ws@gsis.gr 


Frequently asked questions-answers