EORI - Economic Operator Registration and Identification - Registration using EORI

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The EORI number is a unique identification number in the customs territory of the European Union that is granted by the competent customs authorities of the Member States to economic operators who, as part of their business activities, are involved in transactions governed by customs legislation. The EORI number is valid throughout the European Union and should be used by the economic operator in all its transactions with the customs authorities of all Member States of the European Union.

Economic Operators, in order to obtain an EORI number, must submit or send by e-mail to the competent Customs Authorities, an Application - Declaration accompanied by the necessary supporting documents, as the case may be.

The competent Customs Authorities for the issuance are:

a) for economic operators having their registered office in Greece, the Customs Authority of their place of establishment
b) for economic operators having their registered office in a third country, when performing one of the customs procedures defined in article 5 of Reg. 2446/2015 for the first time in our country, the Customs Authority of their first transaction.

For contact details and e-mail addresses of the Customs Authorities, please see the relevant list.


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