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myBusinessSupport is IAPR’s platform for recording and monitoring the critical financial parameters of businesses that make up their profile.

The platform was created to support the reception of applications and information for financial support and compensation granted to businesses through myAADE, to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Two groups of applications are created in the myBusinessSupport platform of IAPR. In the first platform entitled "My Income", businesses declare income and expenses for the purposes of implementing the Repayable Advance Payment, as well as the CO-OPERATION Mechanism of ERGANI information system.

In the second platform entitled "My Applications", there are all the applications that have been developed and are being developed for the submission of applications for grants intended for businesses, for which the IAPR is responsible (Repayable Advance Payment, Special Purpose Compensations, Security Holders), as well and the applications for filing requests to review such applications.

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