Register of Ships

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Pursuant to the provisions of Article 2 of Law 4256/2014, an electronic "Register of tourist ships and small boats" is installed at the Independent Public Revenue Authority (IAPA) in order to register all the data required by the competent authorities services of the above Authority, the competent services of the Ministry of Finance, as well as the competent services of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.

Private pleasure boats sailing under the Greek flag, professional pleasure boats regardless of flag, as well as professional tourist pleasure boats are registered in the Register, pursuant to the terms and conditions of article 2 of Law 4256/14.





Pursuant to the provisions of article 72 of Law 4676/2020 (A' 67), applications for registration in the e-Register of commercial yachts equipped on 15-09-2019 with a license of Law 2743/99 (A 211) or Law 4256/2014 (A 92) as currently in force, which were not submitted until 15-09-2019, will be exceptionally submitted within an exclusive six-month period from 19/3/2020 to 19/9/2020.

The same provisions regulate the possibility of revoking acts of automatic suspension of the validity of professional licenses issued due to the non-submission or late submission of applications, both in case the ship, following the suspension of the validity of its license, was not registered in the e-Register as professional, and in case it was registered, on condition that the ship owner or operator requests within the deadline mentioned above the registration in the Register in accordance with the transitional provisions of Article 15 of Law 4256/2014.

The same article determines the actions that ship owners or operators must take in order to submit the relevant electronic and paper applications for registration in the e-Register, the revocation of the above issued administrative acts of suspension of professional licenses of yachts and the refund of any amounts of VAT or other tax charges paid as a result thereof.

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