Research of Business Registry Basic Details

(Beta version)

By using this service, legal persons, entities and natural persons with income from business activity can search for basic information in order to ascertain the tax or professional status of other legal persons or entities or taxpayers/natural persons who carry out business activity.

This service aims at fighting against the issuance of fake and fictitious information by tax non-existent persons and is provided upon consultation of the Personal Data Protection Authority (with no. 1/2011) and in accordance with Article 20 of Law 3842/2010 on Restoration of tax justice, handling tax evasion and other provisions and subsection (j) of article 17 of law 4174/2013 on the Tax Procedure Code.

Step by step
  1. Register in the service by using the TAXISnet credentials.
  2. Obtain special credentials through the Special Credential Management application..
  3. Use a program of your choice to call the service. .
Relevant provisions