Service of Article 39a, par.5 (Circular 1150/29.9.2017)

(Beta version)

Here you can:

a) if you are a "Purchaser" you can register and fill-in your personal details, as well as your representatives' details in order to carry out transactions in accordance with the provisions of Article 39a, par. 5 of the VAT Code, i.e. to purchase mobile phones, game consoles, laptops and tablet without paying VAT to the "Supplier".

b) if you are a "Supplier" you can confirm the status of the purchaser as a subject with the right to deduct inflows and the ability of the "Representative" to carry out the transaction on behalf of the purchaser, as well as to record a transaction pursuant to article 39a.

(Last updated on 08/04/2024)

Commencement of productive operation as of 10/12/2019 pursuant to the Decision No. Α.1439/28-11-2019 (Β΄4512/2019).

For web developers, a test environment is available.

Step by step
  1. Obtain special passwords through the Special Password Management application. .
  2. Select program τof your preference to utilize the service.
  3. Designate representative and single-use representative codes (for "purchasers").
Frequently asked questions and answers
Program/Terms of Use/ Accompanying Material

Program Installation Guide (version v1.2, 08/04/2024)               

Brief Guide for Purchasers (version v1.2, 08/04/2024)                   

Brief Guide for Suppliers (έκδοση v1.2, 08/04/2024)  


Program for Windows  (version v1.0.5-windows-setup, 08/04/2024, including java)

Program for MacOS, Linux (version v1.0.5-no-jre, 08/04/2024, excluding java)

Program for MacOS (Monterey 12.4) (version v1.0.4-macOSv1, 07/06/2022, including java)   

Program for MacOS (older versions) (version v1.0.4-macOSv2, 07/06/2022, including java)


User Guide (έκδοση v1.5, 07/06/2022)   

Terms of User (έκδοση v1.0, 10/12/2019)

Guides for Developers (έκδοση v1.3, 05/03/2020)

Program (Source code) (έκδοση v1.0.5, 08/04/2024)


Relevant provisions

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