UUM&DS - Uniform User Management and Digital Signature System

The UUM&DS system implements identity federation between the Commission and all Member States' identity and access management systems for the purposes of providing secure authorised access to the EU Customs electronic systems for EU Economic operators and persons other than the economic operators.
UUM&DS system allows authorised users to access EU Customs systems, using their national credentials (the same credentials they are using for their national Customs IT System).
Registered users of the Greek Customs System (i.e. ICISnet) will have to use their myAADE/ICISnet credentials.
Central Uniform User Management and Digital Signature System – UUM&DS provides the service where Member States traders may manage authorisation assignments (delegations):

  1. first level delegation: customs representatives for the economic operators (CR) or employees of the economic operators (EMPL)
  2. second level delegation: employee of a customs representative for an economic operator
  • For issues of Identification / Authorization / User Access (UUM & DS System) please contact: uumds.helpdesk@aade.gr