Reference and QC Materials



The Chemical Metrology Service is also developing and producing reference materials (under the HRM logo) according to the requirements described in the international standard ISO 17034.

The procedures followed allow for the complete certification of reference materials either through accurate measurements by primary methods that are directly traceable to the SI via CMCs registered in the KCDB, or by interlaboratory testing carried out by experienced accredited laboratories coupled to calibration procedures that ensure traceability to the SI.

For the time being, the materials produced cover laboratory activities that involve excise tax goods, such as ethanol, spirit drinks and fuels.

At the same time, surplus materials from the proficiency testing rounds offered by the Chemical Metrology Service are available as quality control materials. These materials are provided at the standard cost of 80 € (ex. postage) and are accompanied by a specification sheet with property values and respective validity ranges coming from the respective comparisons.

For information about the reference and surplus materials available, please consult the attached list, and contact us at