Chemical Metrology


The Chemical Metrology Laboratory (ΕΧΗΜ/ΓΧΚ-ΕΙΜ) has been designated by the Hellenic Institute of Metrology as the official body representing Greece at both national and international level in the field of CHEMICAL METROLOGY.


It has been funded by the 2000-2006 Frame¬work Programme of the European Union by means of the "Compe¬titive¬ness" action and is part of the Chemical Metrology Service, which has been formed by the consolidation of the 5th Athens Chemical Service, according to Presidential Decree 111/2014.

The laboratory was established in 2005 under Law 3427/2005, designed and equipped during 2006-2008, and staffed in May 2009. Among its main responsibilities lie the dissemination of metrological knowledge and science, the implement¬ation of the procedures required to ensure traceability to the SI in chemical analysis, the production and distribution of reference materials, relevant training, and the development of calibration and measurement capabilities as these emanate from the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) signed by the members of the International Committee of Weights and Measures (CIPM) and EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes) in co-operation with the Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM). A brief presentation of the activities of EXHM can be found at this link.

Apart from its involvement in the procedures for obtaining CMCs and the development of novel analytical methods, laboratory staff are actively participating in the development and implementation of quality management systems in its main activities, as well as in national, European and international committees which are active in the areas of chemical metrology, analysis, legislation, risk assessment and exposure to chemical hazards, and the CIPM. Laboratory personnel are also working in close co-operation with the staff of the Hellenic Institute of Metrology and have established contacts with several national metrology institutes.


Since 2013, the laboratory has been accredited under flexible scope for the provision of calibration and testing services under ISO/IEC 17025. At the same time, the quality management system adopted by EXHM has been approved by the EURAMET Technical Committee on Quality. The Chemical Metrology Service has also been accredited under ISO/IEC 17043 for the provision of proficiency testing schemes since 2012.

List of Accredited Activities within flexible scope of accreditation

PT Provider Cert. No. 814 Tests Cert. No. 142


3EXHM is also participating in many international co-operations, such as the EMPIR metrology-oriented programs funded by EURAMET, the European Research Infrastructure METROFOOD and the European Metrology Network for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (TRACELABMED).