Web Service (WS) for ICISnet electronic payments

WS is essentially a payment ID generator that accepts as input the fields:

  • bmrn   (MRN 18 char),
  • blrn      (LRN 22 char),
  • bcnt     (COUNTER e.g. 1 or 2 or ..99) and
  • bafm    (TIN),

where an LRN is associated with one or more MRNs, for one or more TIN numbers.

Announcement 05-01-2017: New functionality for the Web Service (WS) of ICISnet Electronic payments

We would like to inform you about the new functionality in the WS service of electronic payments:

  • At the end of the WS response, the tag was added<bmsv>, in which the individual amounts of one or more MRNs per LRN will be located, with $ as delimiter.
  • The classification shall be made with respect to the LRN and its respective MRN's in ascending order.

a. An LRN with 1 MRN: <bmsv>xxx,xx </bmsv>
b. An LRN with e.g. 2 MRN's: <bmsv>xxx,xx$xxx,xx </bmsv>
Note: At the unique or last number, no $ is placed at the end.