Registered Exporters System (REX)

The European Union has established the

Registered Exporters
Ε. 2039 /20-04-2022

Notice to Greek Exporters to register with the Rex Registered Exporter System via
Rex Trader Portal

REX Trader Portal User Guide REX Trader Portal
Ε. 2165 /16-10-2020 Registered Exporter System (Rex) – Completion of Item 44.1 of the Directorate
ΔΔΘΕΚΑ 1000679 ΕΞ2021 /07-01-2021  Fill in box 34, 36 and 44.1 of the Declaration, in the framework of the implementation of the Agreement on Trade and Cooperation between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, of the one part, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of the other part
Registration Form Application for registration in the REX Registered Exporter System for the purposes of registration of exporters from Member States (Annex 22-06A)

ΔΔΘΕΚΑ Β΄1160832 ΕΞ2017/27-10-2017

EU guidelines for the implementation of the REX Systems

When applying for registration in the REX Registered Exporter System, the annexes to this document will not be used, but the application templates as posted below.


ΔΔΘΕΚΑ Β΄1053187 ΕΞ 2017 /06-04-2017 Additional instructions and clarifications for the export of goods under the Registered Exporter System (Rex)
ΔΔΘΤΟΚ Β΄ 1032953 ΕΞ 2017 /01-03-2017 Α.Υ.Ο.

Annexes (as amended and in force by REg. (EU) (ΕΕ) 989/2017, L 149/13-06- 2017)
Provide guidance on the no. ΔΔΘΤΟΚ Β 1176336 ΕΞ2016/01-12-2016 Min. Decision - Registered Exporter System Rex - Government Gazette 4119/Β/21-12-2016
ΔΔΘΤΟΚ Β΄ 1176336 ΕΞ 2016 / 01-12-2016 Α.Υ.Ο.
Registered Exporter System (Rex) - Determination of competence for the allocation of the Registered Exporter Number