D11 Form of Transfer Documents of Electronic Tax Mechanisms of Sellers- Dealers

(Beta version)

Here you can electronically submit the Form of Transfer Documents for Electronic Tax Mechanisms of Sellers- Dealers (D11).


Within ten (10) days from the sale of possible return (cancellation of sale) of each new Electronic Tax Mechanism, please see ΠΟΛ. 1068/2015

Step by step

1. I select the Type of Document from the menu.

2. I fill-in the Document series field (if any). 3. I fill-in the document number field (if any).

4. I fill-in the Date of issue field.

5. I fill-in the Purchaser’s VAT field.

6. I fill-in the Tax Electronic Mechanism Registration number field

7. I fill-in the Number Z field.

8. I fill-in the Date field

9. I click on Submit.

Frequently asked questions and answers

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