Property rental statements

(Beta version)

Here, you can submit/view/accept rental information returns for the property. Upon completion of the submission, a "PROOF OF SUBMISSION OF PROPERTY RENTAL INFORMATION STATEMENT" is produced



If you have submitted a COVID statement for the period January - April 2021:

1.To be updated on the course of your statement, please select "Update on COVID Statements".


If you are obliged to issue an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property you rent, this must be indicated in the relevant fields of the electronic rental statements submitted after 09/11/2015 pursuant to Article 58, par. 3, Law 4342 /2015.


The statement must be submitted by the end of the month after the beginning of the rental or its modification.

Step by Step
  1. Fill-in the Landlords’ VAT numbers
  2. Fill-in the Employees’ VAT numbers
  3. Fill-in the date of preparation of the agreement from ___ until ____ and the entire monthly rent
  4. Fill-in the Property ID
  5. Fill-in the PPC supply number
  6. Fill-in the Energy Certificate
Special cases

For cases of leasing an inherited property as indicated in section (C) and the other cases of leasing indicated in section (D) as described in Circular 1230/2015, the statement of information on the immovable property rental will be submitted by hand to the competent Tax Office of the lessor with the special declaration form as the attached Sample 1.

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