Validity of VAT-VIES

(Beta version)

The online service was created by the European Commission to enable taxpayer to make an intra-Community supply of goods to easily verify their customers’ VAT numbers.

Information on the validity check

In case the VAT registration number provided to you by your customer appears to be invalid or incorrect information is displayed in relation to the information given to you by your customer, you should first contact the customer to confirm that the information they have provided to you is correct. If you keep having a problem, you should ask your customer to contact the tax authorities that have issued his VAT registration number in order to make the necessary corrections.

In case your own (Greek) VAT registration number appears as invalid or the information (such as name, address) in incorrect, then you must:
- Make sure that the registry details you have given your supplier are correct. The information you provide must be the same as the information that appears on the Greek tax register.

- Make sure that you have not interrupted intra-community transactions or your company VAT number

- Make sure that the message that appears is entitled 'Invalid ID' and not another kind of problem.

- Contact the relevant tax authorities and report the problem, so that they can give you the appropriate instructions.

To contact them, please use the following information:

Directorate for Audit Business Planning (DI.E.S.EL.)


+30 210-4802624
+30 210-4802625
+30 210-4802622
+30 210-4802650