VAT refund request to EU countries

Submit a VAT refund claim to other EU member states


IMPORTANT NOTE: The United Kingdom in no longer  an EU member state. Therefore, for expenses incurred in the UK during 2020, you may submit your  VAT Refund application(s)  electronically no later than 31/3/2021. After that date the electronic submission of VAT refund applications via the VAT Refunds Portal will no longer be available. For more information on BREXIT please visit .




By the end of September of the current year all initial VAT Refund applications for the previous year must have been submitted.

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    a) Utility for offline creation of Vat Refund application (Version, Last Update Date: 10/05/2023 (NEW!)


    b) Utility for offline creation of Vat Refund application  FOR CROATIA (Version,Last Update Date 10/02/2022)


    -You should use this version for application with refund  period until 31/12/2022 and currency HKR
    -For applications with refund period after 01/01/2023 and currency EUR you should use the latest version


    Before installing the updated version of the Vat Refund utility, you must unistall any older version from your system