190 Years of Hellenic Customs Offices

Introductory Note

The Independent Authority of Public Revenue is in the fourth year of its institutional life but proudly carries the valuable heritage of Services with many years of distinguished operation and contribution to the public interest and directly connected to the very history of our country.

The Customs Service, organizationally constituted as the General Directorate of Customs & Excise Taxes, with central, special decentralized and regional organizational units, is a core part of our operational mechanism in its mission to ensure public revenue, strengthen healthy competition and protect wider public goods such as health and safety.


 The special history of the Customs Service, as reflected in this historical photo album, constitutes an important legacy that highlights the direct relationship between public service and society, reminding us that our mission to serve the public interest and society as a whole is our primary duty.


 The vision, the goal setting and the new operational environment of IAPR provide the appropriate framework for the continuation and upgrade of the Customs Service work. To this end, we implement important reforms at f human resources level (through the Tax and Customs Academy), customs procedures and formalities (such as digitization and simplifications), as well as controls and the fight against smuggling (such as new means of prosecution and on-the-move audit units).


Based on this rich past of 190 years, we are working towards a modern digital Customs Service, which meets the new needs of the public economy, trade and development.


We faithfully serve the public interest and the society as a whole.

The IAPR Governor