Change/matching of Activity Code

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Here you can see the Activity Codes that you have already declared to the Department of Administrative and IT Support of your Tax Office. Also, in case you have not matched the Activity Code with the New Activity Code that applies as of December 1st, 2008, according to the new version of the National Nomenclature of Economic Activities (Activity Code 2008), from this application you can match them by declaring them both for your Company Headquarters and your Domestic Facilities (Branches, etc.).

Step by step

1. I select one of the following actions:

-See the list of taxi drivers registered on TAXISnet for my business.

-See the list of new Activity Codes in html and pdf format.

- Search the list of new Activity Codes or

- Να υποβάλω νέα δήλωση, επιλέγοντας στο πεδίο ΔΗΛΩΣΗ ΑΛΛΑΓΗΣ ΚΑΔ το κουμπί «Συνέχεια»???????????

2. I select “Continue” in the Statement of Change of Activity Code”

3. I select the file to submit and then “upload”.

4. I select «View/Finalize» (in the SUBMITTED STATEMENTS section) and then I can choose to either view the content of the statement I have saver or finalize the submission.

Frequently asked questions-answers
User Manual/ Auxiliary Material

By Decision of the Minister of Economy & Finance 1100330/1954/ΔΜ/ 6.10.08 (OGG 2149/Β'/16.10.2008) on "Definition of a New National Nomenclature of Economic Activities (Activity Codes 2008)" the Activity Codes have changed as of 1.12.2008, due to the mandatory adaptation to Regulation (EC) 1893/20.12.2006 of the European Parliament and Council.
As part of taxpayers’ service, both the Nomenclature as such, as well as the printed supporting material that the interested party will be able to find in two volumes (I and II) and the tax authorities. Material outside these two volumes is also indicated.
This material is divided into three sections:

•  In " Word " section and particularly in Microsoft Word 2003:

a) 1 Eisagogi Tomos I: with the Introduction of Volume I, where general information as well as basic methodological elements for Nomenclature are listed.
b) 2 Onomatologia 2008: with the main Onomatology, as it was published in the Official Gazette.
c) 3 Tomos II Eisagogi: with the Introduction of Volume II, containing the Indexes, Explanatory Notes and mapping keys.

Indexes are divided into:
d)4 a Evretirio Paragogi : for the production, manufacture, cultivation, mining, processing, etc. of goods
e) 4 b Evretirio Parag Ypiresiwn : for productive services and technical constructions
f) 4 c Evretirio Emp Antipros : for trade through commercial agents or on commission
g) 4d Evretirio Hondriko: for Wholesale trade
 h) 4e Evretirio Lianiko katastima: for Retail trade from shops
i) 4f Evretirio Lianiko allo: for Retail trade other than shops (via internet, streetcars etc.)
j) 4g Evretirio Ypiresiwn: for other services

  The follow shall follow:

ja) 5 KAD 97_08: as mapping of the Activity Code 1997 with Activity Codes 2008
jb) 6 Epexigimatikes: which constitutes the Explanatory notes of the 4-digit base of the EU Nomenclature  ( NACE rev. 2) in an incomplete but valuable translation.
jc) 7 SO_Paragogi: i.e. the matching of the Combined Nomenclature (the basis of the Customs Tariff) 2008 with the corresponding code of the 6-digit base of the EU Nomenclature (CPA 2008

•  In " Excel " section and particularly in Microsoft Excel 2003

4 Onomatologia 2008:  same as jb) above
5¨Evretirio: which is different spreadsheets has jd) to je) above

6 KAD 1997_KAD 2008: such as ja) above
7 Antistixisi SO 08_CPA 08: same as jc) above
8 SO_el_en_2008: containing the Combined Nomenclature 2008 in Greek and English (not available in the printed version)
9 Explanatory notes CPA 2008: containing the explanatory notes of the 6-digit base of the EU Nomenclature (CPA 2008) only in English, German and French (on different spreadsheets), since in Greek (as in most Community languages) no have been translated yet (not in print)

  In " pdf " section and particularly in σε Adobe R Acrobat R files

1 Eisagogi Tomos I: same as ja) above
2 Onomatologia 2008: same as jb) above
3 Tomos II: the material of volume II of the printed version (sections 1c to ic above)
4 SO_2008: the Combined Nomenclature 2008, which is the printed material of the corresponding Eurostat publication (not present in the printed version of the Nomenclature)

5 Epexigimatikes SO: the Explanatory Notes of the Combined Nomenclature 2008 constitute its relevant supporting material, published in the Official Journal of the European Union (C 133/1/30.5.2008) (not present in the printed version of the Nomenclature